Chris S boat

It’s launch day for Blue Nun, time to see if all the hours spent scrubbing every bit of her, hoisting sails (during which I managed to turn the boatyard air blue as I fight with one end of a flapping Genoa (sail) whilst Tom bellows instructions from the other) and the long, hard, expensive fight to install a sea loo have paid off.

Tracy Burton

As a teenager, I always loved walking and secretly longed to go off backpacking, to explore pastures new and exciting. Unfortunately, my friends were more interested in fashion, boys and nightclubs, and it never occurred to me to find others with similar outdoor interests.

 David Rob

You have to hand it to Flatcap. With the weights gone and the jogging forgotten, he’s found new ways to get into a shape other than round.

Christina bees

Keeping bees is both an art, and a craft. It teaches you the benefits of patience, organisation, record keeping, hygiene, and safe food handling. In a good year you’ll get honey to eat and wax to make into polish, soap and candles too.What more could you want from a hobby?

David R Flatcap

Allow me to introduce you to Flatcap. He’s been around in print and audio for some time, and now he has his own comedy video channel.