buzzard hovering

They are beautiful, graceful birds, soaring so high in the sky, with eyesight as sharp and powerful as ours – when looking through powerful binoculars.


My son told me about Georges Perec, a French author who wrote a 300 page lipogram which means he didn't use the letter e. As e is the most widely used letter I was fascinated by this. Here is my (much shorter) lipogram.

 Ralph McTell

Photo courtesy of Will McCarthy Music Productions

Over the years I have seen Ralph Mctell perform many times and each time, there always seems to be a new selection of wonderful guitars.


Digital cameras have been a boon to most photographers, and most especially those who enjoy taking pictures of wildlife. The shy, contrary nature of animals in their natural habitat tends to make them tricky subjects to capture, so for the modern photographer there's real freedom in the knowledge that you can fire off hundreds of snaps at once, in the hope that one or two will turn out to be half-decent.

Ralph Streets alkbum

Copyright Warner Brothers

The fifties were coming to an end and music was really starting to take off on all levels.