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My name is Chris Croft, the co-founder of I will be telling you why I set up the business and who it’s for.


What is Retired4Hire?

It’s is a not-for-profit website we created to help retired people become freelance workers in their community. It’s free to create a profile and we’ve got everything from accountants and lawyers, to architects and musicians.

Who can register on it?

Retired4Hire is open to people of any age who have a skill they’d like to sell on the open marketplace. Whether you’ve chosen to retire, been made redundant, want to supplement your retirement income, try a new skill or career using free time, or simply volunteer.

What sort of jobs are on there?

Anyone can list a job/task on the site so it varies a lot. They range from part time office positions, to one off advice on a tax return, or a series of music lessons. We have both individuals/community groups, and recruitment agencies so there’s a big mix.


Why was it set up?

Both my father and father-in-law have continued working well into their eighties, and it’s given them so much joy. One makes and sells jewelry, and the other is a freelance translator. Both of these were totally different skills from their original careers, and it inspired me to give other people similar opportunities. I doubt I’ll ever retire fully, and the idea of doing freelance work, or trying out new skills as a retiree really appealed to me. A friend and I made the site so that local people can get help with legal matters, music lessons, and career development, from retired people in their community who want to keep their accumulated knowledge alive.

What’s next?

Simply head over to and sign up! Like I said, it’s totally free and we have new jobs being listed every day so there’ll certainly be something of interest. If you have questions I’m always available on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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