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Hilary CNuts

I’m not being rude, I’m simply letting you know what the blossom on this lovely tree will be one day.

Hilary C Nuts

 One of the many hundreds of ‘pink’ trees

I took this beautiful photo last week in The Jalon Valley (sometimes known as Vall de Pop). The valley is situated inland from the coastal towns of Denia, Javea and Teulada/Moraira, in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

It’s a walker’s paradise, the scenery is beautiful and the whole valley is jam packed with olive trees, orange groves and vineyards. It is also surrounded by magnificent mountains. In February it is the turn of the almond trees to dazzle the eye.

Hilary C Nuts

The area is beautiful from the road too

Not only walkers are able to enjoy this beautiful place, if you drive along the road towards Alcalali your eyes will enjoy a feast of beauty too. Field after field after field of pink or white almond blossom trees is something very special … it’s so gorgeous, but you too can see it if you wish.

Hilary C Nuts

Watch out for the ditches

Warning though, if you decide to walk the valley do keep your eyes ahead and watch where you walk. Don’t look up at the breathtaking sights as you walk or you’ll end up as I did. With my head tilted upwards to the sky of pink I stepped forward and ‘down’ … straight into a ditch that separated two fields. I ended up laughing (I’m a bit crazy like that) … I was mucky but not hurt. ☺

Hilary C Nuts

All these empty sample glasses are not mine! Honestly

In need of sustenance

Of course I needed to overcome my ‘terrifying ordeal’. So at the end of my walk (and looking rather tramp like) I headed for Bodegas Xaló in the heart of Vall de Pop, just to look at the wines on offer of course!
I did buy a bottle, well I have to be honest I bought two plus one for a friend.

A mystery yet to solve

As I stepped outside the Bodega I was intrigued to see the local farmers bringing their sacks of almond nuts to the collecting lorry.

Hilary C nuts

It was fascinating to watch

A large shovel-like arm was lowered from the lorry, the farmer loaded his sack onto the arm, which then lifted the sack high and dropped it into the top of the lorry.
I had one question that my inadequate Spanish language couldn’t quite get to the bottom of. I’d just spent hours in the beautiful blossom fields but here I was seeing sacks of almond nuts being loaded onto the collecting lorry. The blossom just couldn’t have turned into nuts that quickly. It would take Harry Potter’s magic to do that.

I always thought nuts were harvested soon after being shaken from the trees in the autumn. Maybe these nuts are used for some other product? If you know, do tell. I’m intrigued.

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