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Hilary Cheer up 4

Those of you who have read the previous ‘Cheer Up’ articles will, by now, know how funny my grandchildren can sometimes be. As a writer I always keep a notebook and pen in my bag and jot down the funny things they say. I wouldn’t trust my memory to recall very much otherwise!

Hilary Cheer up 4

Melissa and Eddie

Melissa is now three years old, and her older brother Eddie is seven … his humour is gradually changing and it’s his younger sister who now takes centre stage in the comedy stakes. I am so glad that I have an even younger grandchild coming along, otherwise who will make me laugh in a few years time ☺

So sit back, relax, and let the children make you smile …

Melissa (who is a little afraid of house flies) : “Grandma! Quick pass me the flip-flop! (she means fly swat).
Me : “Where’s the fly?”
Melissa : “It’s outside, but it might come in if I don’t wave the flip-flop around.”
Melissa is counting people around the breakfast table.
Melissa : “There’s two boys and two girls (right so far  -  Grandad and her brother. Melissa and I)
Me : “That’s right.”
Melissa : “So we’ve got three grownups and twelve children here.”
Eddie: “I bought my Daddy socks even though it’s a long time until his birthday.”
Me : “You certainly are prepared. Your Daddy’s birthday isn’t for five months.”
Eddie : “I know, but I’m going to give them to him early.”
Me : Why? It won’t be a surprise then.”
Eddie : “Grandma, life passes quickly so I’ve got to.”
Melissa : “I wish everyone in the world was made of pink custard.”
Grandad : “Why?”
Melissa : “Then we could lick everybody.”
Melissa : (wide eyed with biscuit crumbs around her mouth) “Who ate all the biscuits Grandma? Someone stole them!”
Me : “My goodness. Who on earth was it?”
Melissa : “It must have been that monster next door.”
Eddie (his Auntie had just had a baby): “Can you have a baby Uncle Grandad?”
Grandad. “Umm ….” ☹?
Melissa : “Grandma, can I have the biggest piece of cake please?”
Me : “Do you think that would be fair on Eddie?”
Melissa : “Yes, because this cake matches my hair.”
Eddie : “I’ve got a new hamster Grandma.”
Me : “That’s nice. Is he good?”
Eddie : “Mmn. He’s not as good as me.”
Me : “Oh. Why?”
Eddie : “He’s in my room in the day when I’m at school, but at night he’s got to go in the spare room.”
Me : “Oh dear. Why?”
Eddie : “Cos he’s so noisy, he goes round and round in his little wheel like crazy. He’s got so much energy.”
Me : “But, you’ve got a lot of energy too.”
Eddie : “It’s a different sort Grandma.”
Eddie and I were talking about shoes -
Eddie: “I’m one in adult shoes now.”
Me : “Wow!”
Melissa (not to be outdone) : “Well, that’s nothing. I’m three!” (this is her age)
The reward for my husband and I at the end of a tiring day or week looking after them is immeasurable, and we feel so blessed to have them in the family. We have been lucky enough to spend a magical time emerged in childhood again with our wonderful grandchildren.

To add to these priceless memories little Melissa put her arms all around me when I helped her dry after the shower one night and she said …
“Thank you so much for loving me Grandma. You’re the best Grandma in the whole world.” (Even writing this brings a lump to my throat ☺ )

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