Hilary Coombes

I’m back in good old England for a short time and being January it’s wassailing time in the South West. If you’ve never been wassailing ‘you sure have missed a great night out’ so let me tell you all about it …have you got your glass of cider ready?

Hilary Coombes

The UK may be knee deep in the post Christmas bargain sales but it doesn’t mean that the whole world has gone quite so mad.

Hilary Coombes

I’m in Spain right now for two reasons – the warmer weather and I wanted to miss the frantic Christmas build up that takes over almost every shop in the UK from September onwards. We bought our little house here about eight or nine years ago and there’s never been a single day that I regretted spending our hard earned savings in that way.

 Pauline B

The other day we visited Fariones Hotel in Lanzarote, outside the entrance was a beautiful nativity scene. This time of the year these scenes are found throughout the island.

 Hospital John

This article may well be of interest to expats in Spain and I hope of interest to others too!