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A few years ago I persuaded my husband (who to be honest was not that keen at the time) to take a holiday in Norway. I’d read about the breathtaking landscapes, beautiful fjords, and vibrant cities, and I wanted to see it. All of it!

I persuaded him that December would be a good time to do this, after all I encouraged it would look so beautiful in the snow. He’s a dear my husband, and he gave in. So it was that on 1st December, we flew from London to Bergen for what I thought was going to be a holiday of a lifetime.

I decided that I’d use any spare time on the holiday to learn how to blog, and I was going to use my wonderful holiday experiences as a basis for that blog. I’m glad I did because it was one of the strangest holidays I’ve ever had, and I would have forgotten (or purposely buried deep) many of these events, had it not been for the blog.

I thought I would revisit those blogs and share the best bits with you. I think you’re going to be surprised, I know that you’re going to laugh in places, and be shocked in others.

This is Norway, as I found it, and as nobody (especially travel agents) ever described to me.

The beginning. (The first blog 1st December)

I’ve just cleaned my boots. That’s an occasion!

You ask why? Well, I’m off to see the night colours very soon. I can’t think of the right name but it’ll come to me and I’ll tell you then.

I thought I’d keep a blog of my journey. I’ve never written or read anyone else’s blog before, but I visualize it’s a bit like a diary, one without a lock and key.

I can’t imagine anybody revealing their inner thoughts in an online ‘diary’ for all to read, but maybe they do? I’ve no idea what I will do, but my husband thinks I’m a rather unusual person, and funny things seem to happen to me ... we shall see ☺

Anyway this is the beginning of my journey into the night colours (hopefully) and into blogging at the same time. Hope you enjoy it ... Hope I enjoy it!

Now all I’ve got to do is learn how to actually blog! Learning curves are good – keeps me on my toes.

P.S I've just remembered the name - it is The Northern Lights of course. Duh!

Stayed tuned ... Continues next week

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