Motorhome in Britian

When we continued our journey, Dum told me about the EU, the union of countries that had come together for trade and other reasons and more about the Euro, the money system many of them shared. When we went from France to Belgium and then to Holland we didn't have to stop at the borders, but when we crossed into Switzerland, we were stopped at Customs there. We all got our passports ready but the lady said she didn't want to see those-she just wanted some money. We were able to pay in Euros but the change was in Swiss francs-another new coin for me to see.

motorhome in UK

Firstly we just went into Wales, along the St David's coast. We stayed on a tiny camp-site, really just a field with a tap. The Tweedles told me this visit was just to check that we all got along together before we tried going further afield. Although there was very little to do other than look at the scenery, including watching a live camera on a nearby island showing the seal colony; we did all seem quite happy together, so when we went home we planned a longer trip.

Motorhome in England

A tribute to our motorhome:

Hello. My name is Bertha, and I am nearly 14 years old. I don't have parents, but have lived with carers since I was very young. My most outstanding features are my large eyes, which sometimes shine so much I've heard people call me "Bright Eyes". I rather like that. 

 Fuerteventura (The Canary Islands)

Each year for the last nine,we have been lucky enough to get away for some winter sunshine in January. This year we went to Fuerteventura- a small windy Island in the Canaries. The landscape is not that attractive as consists mainly of volcanic rock, the sea is wild and perfect for surfing- not that we did! Although the temperature was between 18- 20 degrees,it felt less because of the wind but one thing was for sure we would not have been wandering around in tee shirts and shorts had we been at home in the UK!

When you think of the USA, which locations immediately spring to mind? New York City, Florida, California, Las Vegas? Yes, I think of all those, too! What about Minnesota? When my daughter told me she was moving there, my first reaction was – where the hell is Minnesota?