Trevor B Surnames
I've always had an interest, albeit a casual one, in people whose names match their occupation.

In Ilkeston, (Derbyshire,) where I grew up, we had a butcher called Peter Hogg. A man who worked for the water board at the time was called Toby Flood and his secretary was Emma Drinkwater. I remember my dad falling about laughing when we got a letter from them once.

The most famous of all of course is Dr Death. If I had him as my GP I think I'd check my insurance, stop taking my diabetes medication and wait for him to give me the inevitable 'something' that would hasten my departure from his list. There is no point fighting fate.

Digging into the subject a little further, I found some very interesting name-job pairings; many of them in the medical field.

I'm only listing a few of the more humorous ones in this post. There are thousands of matches out there. During my intermittent research, I have discovered a relationship counsellor called Breedlove, a taxman in the states called Due and to my eternal delight, a flautist called Linda Toot.

As I mentioned earlier, the medical profession is littered with almost joke like pairings. For instance, there is an American dentist named Tom Filler. One I wouldn’t go within a mile of is his colleague, a certain Dr Hertz.
Moving on to the more intimate fields in medicine, I found a couple of gynaecologists called Dr Beaver and Dr Fingers. For the guys, there is a doctor who performs vasectomies, called Dr Dick Chop. (I kid you not).

Other Doctors with names to laugh at, include Dr Peters, Dr Wang, Dr Wiener, Dr Cox, Dr Dick and of course Dr John Thomas.

My favourite of all though is a certain Mr Rea, who joined the Royal Artillery during the Second World War and was forever after, known as ‘Gunner Rea’.

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